Aeromexico Group Travel and Bookings

Aeromexico Group Travel and Bookings

Aeromexico is a reliable flag carrier of Mexico that deals in scheduled flight services to over 90 destinations. Suppose you want to use a flight with your travel groups or families and are unaware of Aeromexico Group Travel and Bookings procedures, then reach customer support. Airlines specialist agents will help and give you all the correct information about group travel flight booking. To get a stress-free group travel ticket reservation, you should learn about all the correct procedures, guidelines, and other important necessary aspects. 

How do I book an Aeromexico flight for a group of people?

Four primary methods can be used to reserve Aeroméxico group travel tickets: Official web page, Phone Number, Mobile App, and Airport physical visit. All these four ways have some pros or cons for Aeromexico Group Travel, and it will depend on your thinking about which specific method you prefer for booking.

 Go with Online procedures for Aeromexico group flight booking:

You can conveniently use the Online process for group flight booking. Make an Online request for an Aeromexico Group Bookings ticket from its official web page. Also, for successful group booking, follow the necessary steps.

  • Visit the Aeromexico standard website or its associated Mobile App.
  • From the bottom, tap on Group Tours, which is available under the Contact Us columns.
  • Request the group travel quote through the given link or even using the Email services.
  • Fill in all essential details, including passenger name, class, trip types, date, arrival, and departure details.
  • After the request is accepted, the Airline executives will either call you or assist over Email for further procedures regarding group travel.

Use the Phone to book group tickets at Aeromexico:

You can proceed with the Phone process if the group travel link is not working correctly or you have little knowledge about the online process. You can dial the Aeromexico customer care number at 1 (800) 237-6639/0800 977 5533/(55) 5133 4000 and ask for help regarding group travel. The concerned executives will know the number of passengers, trip categories, date, seat class, and other remaining information from you on the same call.

Afterward, you can request a quotation and take forward steps for a suitable quote for group travel booking. Also, request them to book air tickets and pay at least ¼ of the total ticket price to the Airline's official payment link. Later, you can make the remaining payment to complete the process.

Make Airport Physical visit for group travel:

This is very rare, still you can also reach the Airport and ask the available executives to assist with group travel tickets. Tell them all the necessary information which is required for flight booking for each interested passenger who is traveling with you. The Airport representatives will help with group travel or suggest the best way to contact customers and ask for help regarding such situations.

Some benefits of using the Aeromexico Group travel booking facility:

There are lots of benefits for group travel booking at Aeromexico, and the Airlines also offer affordable tickets with exceptional flight service features. Group travel tickets can be beneficial for you in the following ways.

  • 10% name change of total passengers can be made for free at Aeromexico without additional costs.
  • Preferred or AM seats are not applicable. But all your group passengers will get the benefits of seat selection free of cost.
  • For the main Cabin, you can accumulate 50% of available Premier points.
  • In the case of Premier Cabins, you can accumulate 100% Premier points.
  • A luggage allowance for the specific destinations will apply if you have arrears established.
  • Your group can have issued tickets up to 7 days from the actual departure date.
  • Group tickets are applicable for 365 days from the issue dates.  

What are the various conditions for Aeromexico group travel fight tickets?

Group travel booking at the Aeromexico can be smooth and simple if you know all the important, essential rules. You can also focus on the Aeromexico Group Bookings Policies in depth to obtain clear aspects about traveling along with your families or even groups. Some of the group travel policies are

  • Along with you, passenger numbers must be ten or more than that for group booking at Aeromexico flights.
  • For group booking, passengers make quotation bookings through online or offline processes.
  • After the quotation request is accepted, you will have only 72 hours to respond and communicate with executives regarding group travel.
  • At least 25% fight ticket cost must be deposited as security. 
  • Itinerary change or cancelation fees for group travel are based on the Airline's policy and depend on fare differences.

Is it mandatory to make complete payment for group travel booking at Aeroméxico?

When customer services accept your quotation requests, you have a maximum of up to 72 hours to confirm group ticket booking. To assure Aeromexico, you have to make at lest 25% of total ticket fares at the time of making a reservation. Later, you have the flexibility to make a complete payment or the remaining 75% of the amount to get the Aeromexico group fight tickets. 

Does Aeromexico is a partner with SkyTeam Airlines?

Aeromexico is commonly called a founding member of Sky Team Airlines. The miles earners on Aeromexico can be used at Sky Team Airlines, and you can even book a flight ticket after redeeming these available rewards points from official accounts.

Does Aeromexico allow refunds for group travel cancelations?

Yes, Aeromexico has 24 hours of cancelation, which allows you to complete refunds after fight denial. Otherwise, as per the policy, only cancelations made in groups will be charged for the used portion, and partial refunds will be made.

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