Aeromexico Seat Selection and Policy

Gain the required information for Aeromexico seat selection and policy.

With your booking with Aeromexico, you must be looking forward to the different services they provide to their customers. If the booking you have, you are looking to proceed with the procedure for a seat selection as you are looking forward to a comfortable trip by flying on a seat of your choice. In this situation, go through the details in the content below for the help you seek. Avail the required information from the content so that you can get all the information related to  Aeromexico seat selection and policy and even the cost for the seat choice. Aeromexico helps its customers with this facility at best with an accessible process and affordable price. 

Aeromexico Seat Selection Policy.

Before proceeding with the seat selection process, you must be knowledgeable about the information related to the policy so that you can understand and know if you can get avail of the facility and what things are to be kept in mind. The guidelines to help you through the process are: 

  • Seat selection on Aeromexico depends on availability. 
  • You must choose a seat in the same class as the original Aeromexico booking. Class change is not allowed. 
  • For special seats like bassinet seats, add-on seats, seats with extra leg space, etc., you must request the same at least three to five days before so that the same can be arranged and made available on special request. 
  • Go through the selection for a seat through the online process or while getting the check-in. If you fail to go through the process, the airline shall auto-assign you a seat. 

Aeromexico Seat Selection Process

With the booking, you can make the seat section; if not, you can go through the online process for Aeromexico seat selection. You can go through the process to go through the given procedure, which has proper steps so that you can easily select a seat of choice: 

  • Skim through Aeromexico’s official website,
  • Tap on my trips from the managed booking section and, using the booking code and last name, salvage the booking. 
  • On the booking summary page, go to the menu icon list and choose the select seat option. 
  • Now, this shall take you forward to the seat map. Choose one as per your preference and then proceed with the onscreen instructions, if necessary, for the payment. 
  • On being done, you shall receive an email to the registered email address. 

Aeromexico Seat Selection through Customer Service. 

Call- Other than the online process, you can also make the seat selection by connecting with customer service. You can get to make a choice by calling customer service and availing the help. Follow the given set of steps to make a call to Aeromexico: 

  • Visit Aeromexico’s official page. 
  • Scroll the page down to the contact option. 
  • From the help page, you can find the contact number 1 (800) 237-6639. 
  • Dial and connect with the executive for the help you want from them. 
  • The agent shall connect and help you pick a seat of choice for a comfortable trip. 

Email- Except for connecting through the call process, you can also get through the airline for the issues you have using the mail process for a seat selection. You can get to choose a preferred seat of choice through this procedure. All you must do is draft the seat selection request well along with your ticket details, and provide the required documents; also add in your contact information. The airline shall then get back to you with one accessible and possible solution. The official email address of Aeromexico to which you can raise the issue you have is The airline shall help you at best for the given process. 

Aeromexico Seat Selection cost. 

With seat selection, you must even be aware of the Aeromexico seat selection fee. The seat cost of Aeromexico is as follows: 

  • A domestic flight flying within Mexico, the cost for it shall be Mexican $349, and for the ones purchased out from Mexico shall cost $20. 
  • The international flights shall cost Mexican $599 if it is a Mexican purchase and for purchase outside Mexico, it shall cost $30. 

Though the price for different tickets is given yet, they shall vary depending on various factors, like fare type, fare rules, travel route, etc. 

Conclusion- Hopefully, the given procedure shall help you best with the seat selection process and policy and even other things. For more help, you can contact the airline or surf through the official website of Aeromexico for help. 


Does Aeromexico let you pick your seats?

Aeromexico allows you to choose your preferred seat by paying the relevant charges. There are different options available. However, before making any changes, you should read the Aeromexico seat selection to get better information regarding their terms and conditions.

Aeromexico seat selection policy:

  • There are different charges for window seats and some preferred seats.
  • To choose the exit row seat, passengers need to fulfill some conditions.
  • The airline will automatically assign seats together for passengers traveling with children less than 14 years old.
  • Passengers can change their seats even after completing the check-in process.
  • There are no charges for selecting the seat at the time of check-in. 
  • If any passenger does not choose a seat and skips the option, Aeromexico will automatically assign them a random seat.

Can I change seats after checking in at Aeromexico?

After completing the check-in process, if any passenger wants to change their seats, they can easily do it online by using the official website or the mobile application. You need to mention relevant details and follow the steps in the instructions for the seat change. If you are facing any problems, then get through with customer service.

How do I choose my seat after booking a flight?

Aeromexico allows passengers to choose their preferred seat even after booking a flight. Two easy methods will help you with the seat selection. Read the given information to learn more about these methods:

Via official webpage - Use the “My Flight” option on the official website and you can choose from the available seats by paying the relevant charges. If you want to learn about the complete process for selecting the seat after reservation, then go through the mentioned steps:

  • Go to the official Aeromexico webpage on your device.
  • Click on the "My Flight" section.
  • Enter the required flight details like the "Reservation code" and "Last name of the passenger."
  • Click on the option to pick the seat and choose according to availability.
  • Pay if any charges are showing on the screen and download the updated ticket.

Via check-in counter—Another way is to visit the airport's check-in counter. Mention the relevant flight details to the executive, and they will provide you with details on the available seats. After that, they will give you a new boarding pass.



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