How Do I Book American Airlines Group Travel?

American Airlines Group Travel

While traveling on a family trip, the members usually sit together to stay on the side of their family members. The passengers choosing to travel in a group should make their flight reservation through the group booking. If you have a question regarding “How Do I Book American Airlines Group Travel,” you get different modes to proceed with the group booking process. Usually, American Airlines allows up to 10 or more people for group booking. You can contact American airline's customer support for any query regarding the process and get quick and accurate assistance.

Advantages of group booking American Airlines.

You get several benefits when you choose the American Airlines Group Booking process to make the reservation for your group of travelers. You get several advantages after making your reservation through the group booking mode. To know about them, you can review the points noted beneath.

Discount on the flight ticket - booking a flight ticket for the passengers individually will cost you more than making the reservation in a group. The people traveling in a group of 10 or more should always choose the group booking option to get the flight ticket at the best price. 

Select your preferred seat - during the time of making the flight reservation with American Airlines for the number of people in a group together through the group booking. The Airline allows you to choose your selective seat from the available options. Choose your flight seats there without paying extra charges to the Airline.

Flexible payment option -  For American Airlines Group Travel, you get full flexibility while paying for your booked flight tickets. You can either choose to make the full payment in one go, or you can also choose to pay for your group booking in installments.

Individual check-in counters - the section of people who have made the group reservation get a separate check-in counter at the airport. They get the benefit of not standing in the long queues for a long period to check in for their American Airlines flight.

How do I book an American Airlines for a group of people?

You can book an American Airlines flight for a group of people in different ways. You get online and offline modes through which your group reservation can be made for the people traveling in a group.

Offline mode - you can directly speak to the live person at American Airlines by placing a call to the American Airlines Group Booking customer service and asking the agent to make your group reservation for the number of people. Provide all the necessary information, and the agent will help you.

Online mode - after failing to connect with the live person at American Airlines through a phone. You can proceed with the group booking process through the airline's website. You can select the group booking option there and mention all the necessary details as requested. The airline will make the booking and help you further.

How much do seats cost on American Airlines?

The seat price on American Airlines depends upon the seat type, as the seat cost is set differently. The seats on American Airlines range from $10 to $22 for a preferred seat. For further assistance, reach the Airline customer support

Required conditions and policies of American Airlines Group Booking.

Before heading with the group booking process, get informed about the American Airlines Group Booking Policy points mentioned below.

  • To make the group reservation, there should be 10 or more people.
  • You can change the name on one of the flight tickets free of charge for up to 48 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • On American Airlines, you can go for the group booking form the 11 months to the 48 hours before your scheduled flight departure.
  • American Airlines usually gives one flight ticket for free when you have purchased a group travel ticket.
  • Before the flight departure, you can make multiple changes to the passenger's details for free.

Steps how to American Airlines group booking

You can book for the group of travelers through the American Airlines Group Booking Phone Number or the airline's website. To know the steps, go through the information mentioned below.

Make group reservations through the website.

To reserve the flight seat of the group of travelers, you can head with the quick group booking process done through the airline's website. Fill in the form, and the airline responds with an email for further processing. Llook at the below points to proceed ahead.

  • Visit the American Airlines official website.
  • Head to the group booking section by tapping on it.
  • Mention your flight details like destination, date, time, and other information.
  • You will get an email from the airline with the flight details and ticket fares.
  • Revert the email with “agree” and pay the charges to accept it.
  • Afterward, the airline grants you flight tickets to your registered email.

Make the group booking through a phone.

You can also use the American Airlines phone number for group booking. You can communicate with the live person directly and ask the agent to make the reservation by providing all the necessary details. To know the mode, read the points below.

  • Dial up the American Airlines group reservation phone number.
  • Choose your language and choose the group booking from the IVR.
  • The assistant will get on the call in a while.
  • Provide all the passenger's information with all the necessary details 
  • The agent will provide details of the upcoming flights.
  • Choose the preferred flight, and the agent will help you with the reservation.

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