Can I change my Air Canada flight?

Can I change my Air Canada flight?

Yes, you can change your flight on  Air Canada; you must comply with the flight change policy. Because the policy contains a set of rules and regulations through which you get to change the fight easily and check whether you are qualified for it or not. And there, you will also find out whether you get to pay for the flight change. And you are eligible then by acting with the points stated here to change your Air Canada flight.

  • At the start, you have to open your web directory, and there you have to search for the official website of Air Canada or open the mobile application of Air Canada.

  • When the Air Canada web page opens, select my booking option.

  • Under my booking option, you have to enter the booking reference number or ticket number with the help of the passenger's last name, then tap on the find option.

  • After this, your booking detail will open; you have to change the icon and tap on that.

  • Later, you have the list of change options open, such as date, name, flight, and time, and choose the flight option.

  • Further, the list of flights will appear available on that date, and from that, choose the flight you wish to get on, then tap on the next option.

  • In the next step, you have to get to the payment sheet and if there is a flight change fee, then pay it by using any available modes; when the payment is completed, tap on confirm option.

  • As soon as the change process finishes, you will receive the Air Canada approval on your registered phone number and email address.

How much does it cost to change a flight with Air Canada?

When you go for the flight change, and at the same time, you have doubts that you might have to pay for the flight change, so there are different types of rules for the different types of fares. And for the confirmation, you can either get in touch with the customer service team of Air Canada or take a hint from beneath.

  • If you take a domestic flight from Air Canada, you might pay $75 for the flight change.

  • And if you have purchased a flexible fare and have to change the flight, then $50 might be charged.

  • When you have booked the Air Canada international flight, have the fare type firm and flexible, then you might get to pay $150 for the flight change.

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