How to contact Delta at the Boston Logan Airport?

How to contact Delta at the Boston Logan Airport?

A traveler has to board their flight at the Boston airport. They want to acquire a few details with the representative. They can dial the Delta Boston Logan Airport phone number and get assistance from the representative within a second. The travelers can use the given information and speak with the representative. Here are the details-

  • Open the official website of Delta Airlines.
  • Find out the customer support option. 
  • Tap on the phone call option. 
  • Connect with the representative on this phone number- +1 800-235-6426 or 1-800-221-1212. 
  • Listen to the on-call instructions and press the number key according to the query.
  • Here are a few-
  • Dial 1 or 2 for the language selection. 
  • Dial 3 for special assistance. 
  • Dial 4 for the lost and found. 
  • Dial 5 for the check-in details. 
  • Dial 7 for the customer support. 
  • Get connected with the airport representative. 
  • Acquire the solution to your queries with the representative. 

How do I get in touch with Delta Airlines at Boston Logan Airport? 

The airline offers various customer support methods. If you require immediate assistance from the airline representative, you can use the airline live chat option. The airline live chat option is always available to solve your queries. Here are the details to use the airline live chat option-

  • Download the Delta Airlines App from the Google play or apple store. 
  • Install the app and enter the required details to begin th app. 
  • Click on the menu option. 
  • Under the menu option, choose the message option. 
  • On the blank screen, you need to write down your text, and you will get the details with the airline representative. 

What is the Boston Logon airport address? 

A traveler wants to acquire a few details about this- How to contact Delta at the Boston Logan Airport. They want to visit the airport. They can use this address- East Boston, MA 02128, United States to visit the airport. If they need any help, they can ask the questions with the airport representative and acquire the details quickly. 

What is the official website of Boston Logon Airport? 

You want to acquire the details about the airline and the airport. You can visit the airport's official website, and you will get the details quickly. To get the details about Delta at Boston Logan Airport, you can use this link- This is the official website of the airport. Whenever you find any details, you need to use this link. 

What are the important contact numbers of the Boston Logan Airport? 

The airport provides a few important contact numbers. Whenever you want to connect with the airport representative, you can use the contact numbers according to your query, and you will get the details from the representative. Here is the list of the few contact numbers-

  • For General Inquiries: +1 800-235-6426.
  • For airport noise: 617-561-3333. 
  • For Baggage Services: 1-866-538-5438 
  • For lost and found, 617-568-7514.

Where Is Delta Terminal At Logan Airport?

The airline uses the terminal 1 at the airport. At the terminal, you will get various services and can avail of them according to your choice. To acquire the other details about the airline and the terminal, you can speak with the representative and get the details quickly. 

How early do you check in at Boston Logan for flights?

If you have a domestic flight at the airport, you must arrive within 2 hours before the flight departure. For an international flight, you need to arrive at the airport within 3 hours before the flight departure.


  • Do I need a Covid test to fly into Logan Airport?

You don't require a COVID test to fly into Logan Airport. You can fly from Logan Airport without showing a vaccination certificate and the other required details. 

  • What is the busiest time at Boston Logan?

The busiest working hours of the airport are weekdays from 5 a.m. to 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m. to 7 p.m.; Sunday: 4 p.m. to 7 p.m. International Terminal E, 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. daily. 

  • Is Logan Airport open all night?

Yes, the airport is open 24 hours a day. If you need any assistance, you can speak with the airport representative, and you will get the details quickly. 

  • What airlines fly out of Boston?

Various airlines fly out of Boston. Here are the names of a few-

  • Delta. 
  • Air France. 
  • Air Canada. 
  • Aer Lingus. 
  • Allegiant Airlines. 
  • Avianca Airlines. 
  • British Airways. 
  • Copa Airways. 
  • ELAI.

How many terminals does Boston airport have?

The airport consists of 4 terminals, divided into categories A, B, C, and E, at the airport's north-south and east points. 

What is Delta's checked bag policy?

If you are traveling with Delta Airlines and you have to board your flight as of scheduled departure, and you have the least information for Delta Boston Logan Airport and baggage traveling preferences, then read the following points. 

  • 2 standard bags, up to 10 bags maximum 
  • Further, the dimensions must be 62 inches or 157 centimeters (length width + height)
  • Moreover, the maximum weight should be 50 pounds or 23 kilograms
  • The first checked baggage fee is $30 
  • The second checked baggage fee is $40
  • Note: if you carry an extra checked bag at Delta, then pay additional charges. 

How many bags can you take on a Delta flight for free?

If you don't know the information for free bags available for Delta Airlines passengers to carry each way, then as per the policies, 1 carry-on bag and 1 personal item are free of charge, and it includes a purse, laptop bag, or a few of the items similar size which can easily be able to get fitted underneath of your seat. In case you need to gather more generic information for Delta's free baggage policies, then you are required to connect with a live representative by 800-221-1212 and receive an appropriate set of guidance from the agent.

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