How do I contact Delta at Dulles Airport?

Seek guidance to communicate with Delta Airlines at Dulles International Airport.

Visiting your selected place with Delta Airlines is always a beneficial option as they will provide you with multiple top-rated services such as assistance for disabled passengers, extra baggage allowance, flight reservation with miles, etc. There are different airports where Delta Airlines serves services, and Dulles Airport is one of them. If you have a reservation with Delta Airlines through Dulles Airport and you have a query related to baggage allowance, flight status, parking charges, etc., then you will get the option of contacting Delta customer service at this airport. If you want to communicate with Delta customer service at this airport but are unaware of How do I contact Delta at Dulles Airport, then read below.

The contact numbers of Delta Airlines at Dulles International Airport are below.

There are multiple passenger travel to Dulles Airport as several airlines serve their services at this airport. To manage those travelers, Dulles Airport provides different contact numbers; if any traveler is not aware of Delta Dulles Airport Phone Number, then go through the information given below. 

  • · For general queries, +1 703-572-2700
  • · For the lost and found department: 703-572-8479
  • · For pagging services: 703-572-8296
  • · For Volunteering: 703-572-7350
  • · For Ground Transportation: 703-572-TAXI (8294)
  • · For General Aviation services: 703-661-0150
  • · For refund status: 800-847-0578
  • · For baggage services: 800-325-8224
  • · For accessible travel services: 404-209-3434
  • · For Delta vacations: 800-8001504
  • · For general queries: 1 (800) 221-1212

Dulles International Airport code: IAD

What is the Dulles airport address?

While using the online and offline modes to resolve your queries, you can also reach their office address if you are unaware of how to resolve them. The office address of Dulles International Airport is below. 

1 Saarinen Cir, Dulles, Virginia 20166, USA

What is the customer service email of Dulles International Airport? 

Often, passengers want to share their query-related documents with the query, and then, in such cases, they can use the email mode. If you want to compose an email to share your queries, you need to tap on and create an email in which you must fill out the complete query. 

What terminal is Delta Airlines at Dulles International Airport? 

The terminal allocated to Delta Airlines at Dulles International Airport is the main terminal level 2, and the information about the terminal is also mentioned upon your boarding pass. Sometimes, the terminal gets changed in air traffic, so you can confirm the terminal by connecting with the representatives or using the flight status option. 

What are the working hours of Dulles Airport customer service? 

The customer service team of Dulles International team is available 24 hours as there are several flights whose departure time is midnight or early, so the traveler can take the complete assistance. 

How long does it take to get through check-in of Delta Airlines at Dulles International Airport?

The taken for check-in on the flight Delta Airlines will vary as per the route or destination of the flight. If you make the reservation for any international destination, you can make the check-in 04 hours to 45 minutes before the departure, or if you have any domestic flight reservation, you can make the check-in 02 hours to 30 minutes from the airport counter. 

What are the facilities provided by Dulles Airport customer service? 

There are plenty of services that you will get while connecting with the Dulles airport, and if you are unaware of those services, then you can go through below. 

  • If you are looking to travel with a disabled passenger for whom you want to add assistance such as a wheelchair, stretcher, walker, etc., you can communicate with the airport customer service, but you have to show the health documents. 
  • After making the bookings, if you want to check the status of your flight, terminal details, etc., you can get in touch with the Dulles airport representatives. 
  • If you check in your luggage successfully and after that, airlines lose your luggage, delay the bags, or damage your baggage, then you can reach out to the customer service team and make your complaint.
  • If you are looking to reach the airport with your vehicle but are unaware of the information about parking charges, time for parking, etc., then you can contact the airport customer service team. 
  • Dulles Airport has different lounge facilities, and as on the flight's departure date if airlines delay the takeoff, you can communicate with representatives. 

With the above information, you will know about Delta at Dulles Airport; if you are looking for more information, you can also reach out to their official website. 

What is Delta's checked bag policy?

Before using Delta flight tickets, travelers should have clear, detailed information about baggage policy for comfortable air travel. So, some of the following points are highlighted below in the form of points.

  • Fliers can go with one carry-on bag and personal items like laptop bags without any additional costs.
  • The maximum number of checked bags per passenger is 10.
  • Fliers must pay some extra amounts to avail of extra baggage.
  • The maximum weight for baggage is approximately 23 to 32 kg, which depends on class type.
  • Delta SkyMiles members can check their first checked baggage for free as per the policy.
  • The checked baggage allowance price may vary and depends on routes and class types.

The actual cost for extra Delta Airlines baggage per kg is approximately $30 to $40. So 

What is the carry-on baggage allowance for Delta? 

Delta Airlines is known for offering air transportation services with all possible flight facilities during the trips. Fliers should know about Delta at Dulles Airport carry-on baggage allowance for their convenient flight services. Usually, the maximum permissible size for Delta Airlines carry-on luggage is around 22x14x9 inches or 56x35x23 cm. The mentioned dimensions include both wheels and handles of baggage. Fliers should ensure and check the correct measurement of carry-on bags before traveling with flights.

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