How to Book Delta Airlines Group Booking?

Get information about how to Book Delta Airlines Group Booking

When planning your trip to your desired destinations with your friends or relatives or with a large group of employees from your office, select the Delta Group Booking Travel. You can choose the best ticket for group booking and earn maximum points and offers to manage your journey and get more benefits with group booking conveniently. 

What are the advantages of group booking Delta flights?

When you travel to your chosen destinations with nine or more passengers with Delta, get the Delta Group Booking and get excellent services and facilities. If you want to know the advantages of group booking, you must get more details mentioned below.

  • Customize your Itinerary:

Delta group specialists will help you customize your itineraries for ten or more passengers traveling together on the same flight.

  • Get incredible savings:

When you select group booking, you will get significant facilities for all passengers. You also get the deals and offers for choosing your required services quickly.

  • Obtain the easy reservation process;

You can quickly request the group booking on its official website, enter the booking details, and add the passenger’s name. When a Delta representative accepts your booking, you quickly get the confirmed reservation ticket for a group travel.

  • Get the confirmed seats without payment:

When completing the group booking task with Delta, you will receive a confirmation message with a confirmed seat for all ten passengers without making a payment within six days of flight departure.

  • Group booking in a single transaction:

One person can handle a group booking ticket as it accepts a single transaction for all people.

  • Get flexible flight tickets:

You can change the passenger’s name and select your favorite seat without extra charges until your flight departure.

How do I book a Delta flight for a group of people?

You can book a Delta flight for a group of people; you will get online and offline modes and request a group booking quickly. To get more details, follow the steps below.

Group booking online:

You can send a group booking request by filling out the form and entering the passenger’s details into the required fields. You will get a custom quote to compare the prices and select one flight for the booking easily.

Group booking offline:

You can book a Delta flight for a group booking by contacting a Delta Group Booking Flight representative at 800-532-4777. You can also use live chat and email to send your group booking easily.    

How much do seats cost on Delta?

You can select your seats for a one-way selection fee by Delta Airlines during your group booking service. Hence, when selecting the middle, you have to pay the charges of around $15 for each flight and select your best seat. You will pay the cost depending on the type of ticket that you book on group booking conveniently.    

Required conditions and policies of Delta Group Booking:

You need to understand the straightforward concept of a Delta Group Booking Policy by reading its required conditions and policies. If you want to avoid unnecessary interruption, you need to check out the set of rules mentioned below.

  • Your group booking is associated with a group contract with Delta Airlines, which usually adheres to the terms and conditions of standard policies.
  • A group booking consists of more than ten passengers who travel within the same plane, but if any single passenger is missing in the event of the group booking, your flight will be canceled without any refund.
  • You will be responsible for compliance with any application law or regulation during the fare discussion.
  • Group booking is not eligible for SkyMiles upgrades you need to check according to the SkyMiles program.
  • Delta has the right to change equipment or schedules without prior notice, which you must accept spontaneously.  

Steps how to Delta group booking:

If you are excited to book your flight in a group booking on Delta, you need to submit an online form and get a message to confirm your reservation. To avoid doubts, you are required to get started with the steps and plan your group booking tour promptly.

  • First, visit Delta's official booking website, where you must look for group booking in the search bar.
  • Access the group booking page. Scroll down to click on the group booking tab and fill out the essential booking information.
  • Get various areas to fill, including the type of group, customer details, travel details, and special requests, and submit the group booking form.
  • Wait for the custom quote informing you of your group booking reservation ticket via email or phone to confirm easily.


Is Delta seat selection free?

You don’t need to pay any charges when you select standard seats during booking. You can choose any preferred seat, ample legroom, free. But if you select the Delta Comfort+, premium economy with amenities, or get premium cabin class on business and first class after booking, you must pay $15 per passenger.

Why is seat selection so expensive?

Pay the expensive charges if you select the long-haul premium cabin seats and choose a perfect amenity. Generally, aircraft seats and components often don’t get cheaper; hence, it could be higher when you split different cabin classes. 

How to book a plane ticket for a group?

When you prepare for your trip with more than ten people, you can book a plane ticket for a group trip by contacting the representative. Share details of several travelers, destinations, and dates. You are required to wait for a custom quote that allows you to book a plane for the group booking easily.  

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