How to Book Aeromexico Flights?

Accumulate information to make the booking on Aeromexico.

Visiting your selected place with Aeromexico Airlines is always a memorable journey as they provide several top-rated services such as medical facilities for disabled passengers, quick refunds on the cancellation of the flight, flight reservations with miles, etc. There are multiple seat options, from which you must select a convenient seat. You must make the reservation by providing several documents to travel with this airline. If you are looking to travel to Aeromexico for the first time, you need to be made aware of the Aeromexico Flight Booking process; then by reading further, you will get complete details. 

Documents required to travel with Aeromexico are below. 

You have to provide several documents to travel with Aeromexico, and a few details about those documents are mentioned below. 

  • Travel Passport and Visa
  • Original documents like ID card, driving license
  • Valid flight ticket and boarding pass
  • Military ID card for travelers serving in defense
  • Medical documents for travelers who want any assistance. 

How do I make a reservation on Aeromexico online? 

Making the flight representatives online is the most convenient booking mode as you can do it anytime from anywhere. While making the reservation online, you will also be able to check the actual details of the flight, such as seat availability, offers, discounts, etc. If you are looking to make the reservation online but need to be made aware of the details of the process, then you can go through with the below points. 

  • Search for the website of Aeromexico. 
  • Then open the section of new flight bookings. 
  • Following this, you must fill out the details about your destination and departure airport name.
  • Further, you have to provide information about the departure and return dates.
  • Next, add the number of passengers and search for the flights.
  • After this, you must search for aviation and choose the convenient flight for your plan.
  • Lastly, you have to make the payments using the online mode, and you will get an email with the flight reservation. 

 What is the contact number for flight reservations at Aeromexico? 

You can make flight bookings by connecting with the support team of Aeromexico. While connecting with the representative, you can also get guidance about the airline's policies, charges, documents required to travel, etc. Aeromexico gives multiple contact numbers, but if you want to make the reservation on call, dial 1 (800) 237-6639 and then choose the comfortable connecting language you can use. Then, choose the relevant option from the instructions of the IVR, and the expert with the IVR will join the call to assist you. The finest time to get the representative on call is between 04 AM to 09 AM; in these times, you can easily avoid the long call hold issues.

Can I make the flight reservation for Aeromexico at the airport?

Yes, you can make a flight reservation with Aeromexico from the ticket counter at the airport. After reaching the airport, reach the Aeromexico ticket counter if you want to make the reservation. You must provide the details about your booking to the representative with your necessary travel documents. Then you have to make the complete payments, and the representative will provide you with a travel ticket. 

How far in advance can I make the reservation on Aeromexico? 

Making the bookings well in advance will help travelers get their preferred seats, as most seats are vacant. The flight reservation on Aeromexico starts well 09 months before the departure. If you make the reservation in advance, you will also get the option of doing modification easily by paying the minimum cost, and the early reservation will also help you reserve the flight by paying the low fares. 

You will get guidance on How to Book Aeromexico Flights by reading the above. Still, if you cannot make the booking, you can get expert assistance using customer service modes such as calls, chat, social media handles, email, etc., as they have complete information. 

Is Aeromexico a good flight company?

Aeromexico Airline is the flag carrier of Mexico and operates flights to all the destinations internationally. With flights over 90 locations in Mexico and other continents. It has been providing brilliant services to the passengers and ensured them a great journey with all the comforts they require. Those who travel frequently with Aeromexico Airlines know the customer-centric approach they follow and never miss the chance to impress its passengers. 

These frequent travelers have given them a 7.6/10 on all the facilities, from the reservation, check-in, food, and seats to baggage management and the customer executives. 

How strict is Aeromexico carry-on?

After the Aeromexico Flight Booking, make sure that you follow all the rules and regulations whenever you are preparing your carry-on luggage for the flight. Several specific details have been mentioned:

  • The weight that is allowed for you to get on the flight for carry-on is 10 kg. For basic fare, it can increased to 15 kg, but you cannot bring more than that baggage.
  • Your bags need to fit onto the overhead cabin, so make sure that the bag has size dimensions of 55 cm x 40 cm x 25 cm, and exceeding this limit might cause trouble for you.
  • The Airline allows personal items with a carry-on, which can include a guitar, binoculars, camera, books, laptop, etc. 


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