How do I Upgrade My Seat on KLM Airlines?

How do I Upgrade My Seat on KLM Airlines?

When you book a flight ticket with KLM Airlines, you have prepared for everything, but later, for the long-haul journey, you change your mind and want to upgrade your seat. It is easy to upgrade the seat. However, it is crucial to have the proper information about policies and procedures. There are numerous ways through which seat upgradation is possible. If you are searching for How do I Upgrade My Seat on KLM Airlines? We are here to help you. You will be provided with complete information for the same in the paragraph given below.

Terms and Conditions of KLM Seat Upgrade. 

If you want to upgrade your seat to make the journey more comfortable, then it is simple to do so. Before that, the airline set some terms and conditions so you do not encounter any issues. KLM Airlines seat upgrade policies are outlined below:

  • If you need to upgrade your seat through an online procedure, then the window will open 48 to 24 hours before the departure of the flight.
  • The passenger who is a member of Flying Blue can use the miles points for the upgrade.
  • If you upgrade to premium economy or business class, then the services you already purchased on the economy class then the prices will be deducted from it.
  • You can upgrade the seat after check-in, but for that, you need to pay the airline a higher amount.
  • The passenger can upgrade the seat, depending on availability. If the seats are available in the desired class, only then can they upgrade the seat.
  • You can use the online procedure, calling medium, or visiting the airport for the seat upgrade.

Ways to Upgrade KLM from Economy to Business?

After making the reservation, if you want to upgrade the seat from Economy to Business class, you should know about the methods as the airline provides multiple mediums. We will discuss the ways to upgrade in detail in the article noted below:

Seat Upgrade through the online process: You can use the online medium to upgrade the seat from economy to business class. It is one of the effective ways. To upgrade the seat, you need to access the official web link and follow the necessary steps.

Upgrade the seat at the airport: To upgrade from economy to business class, the passenger can connect with the airline by using the phone call process. It is one of the expeditious mediums. They need to dial 1 (800) 618-0104, the customer support number. The representative will aid you regarding your concerns.

KLM Seat upgrade at the airport: You can also upgrade the seat at the airport. You need to submit the required documents, and then the executive will provide the seat in the class you want to upgrade.

Steps on KLM Seat Upgrade.

You can upgrade the seat on KLM by using the official website. This procedure is one of the best ways, and you must go through the steps as per described below:

  • Navigate to the official web page of KLM Airlines.
  • On the homepage, you will get the option My Trips. Click on that.
  • Now log into your Flying Blue account and tap the Manage My Booking option.
  • Fill out the booking reference code and last name of the passenger in the following sections. 
  • The details of the flight will be fetched on your screen.
  • Scroll down the page and click on the seat upgrade link.
  • Once you complete the procedure, KLM will send the validation message by email or mobile phone.

How to Upgrade to KLM Business Class?

To upgrade the seat to KLM Business Class, you can go to the airport. Submit the ID proof, passport copy, ticket, government-approved identity, and other required documents to the helpdesk. The representative will upgrade the seat to business class.

If you are still looking for an alternative medium for the upgrade, please read the details included below.

Use the calling medium to upgrade the seat:

You can use the calling method to upgrade to KLM business class. It is one of the effective ways, and you need to dial 1 (800) 618-0104. After making the call, follow the procedure noted below:

  • Once you make a call, it will be transferred to the computer's automated voice.
  • It will assist you with the instructions, and then you will get the IVR menu.
  • Listen to the options carefully and then select from them.
  • After you follow the steps, then, the call will be routed to the customer support executive.

How Can I Get an Upgrade Using Miles on KLM?

If you have purchased the premium membership of KLM and have earned the miles points, then you can use it for the seat upgrade. To get an upgrade on the airline by using the miles points, you need to obey the actions highlighted below:

  • Access the website of KLM Airlines.
  • At the top of the homepage, you will get the option My Trips. Click on that.
  • Now, enter the login credentials in the given sections and fill out the reservation code and last name in the given boxes.
  • All the services you will get on the next page. Click on the seat upgrade link.
  • Type all the details in the form and then tap on the continue option.
  • Before making the payment, you need to enter the miles points code in the provided sections.

How Can I Get A Free KLM Upgrade?

There are various factors under which you will make a seat upgrade without paying any cost, which are mentioned below:

  • If you are a frequent flyer of KLM Airlines, then you can use the loyalty points to upgrade the seat for free.
  • Passenger who are members of Flying Blue can use their mileage reward to get the seat upgrade for free.
  • If the passenger upgrades the seat within a day of the booking, then the airline does not charge any fees.

How Much Does a KLM Upgrade Cost?

KLM Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost depends on which class the passenger upgrades the seat that are outlined below:

  • If you upgrade to the business class, you must pay at least 150 to 300 dollars.
  • The passenger who upgrades to the premium economy class must pay approximately 400 to 600 dollars as fees.


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