KLM Boston Logan International Airport

KLM Boston Logan International Airport

Boston Logan International Airport is a world-class airport serving millions of East Boston, Massachusetts, passengers. It is the busiest airport among the top 20 major American airports serving various destinations from Boston Airport. You can expect to seek help for KLM Boston Logan International Airport by dialing +1 800-235-6426 and sharing your suggestion, feedback, and queries over the phone. You can quickly expect an accurate answer from a live person at the airport.

Contact KLM Boston Logan International Airport:

When you plan your trip to your required destination from KLM and begin your travel from Boston Airport, you must collect the contact details, services, flight schedule, terminal, and other important information. Many passengers look for travel deals, extraordinary facilities, and safe flight journeys from beginning to end during their flight journey.

KLM phone number at Boston Logan Airport:

KLM provides a brilliant facility for flight booking service at Boston Airport. Book your KLM flight and share your travel concern with a Boston Airport representative by dialing +1 800-235-6426 and communicating with the best travel expert to gather complete details regarding check-in, terminal, flights, and other essential services.  

KLM office address at Boston Logan Airport:

When you wish to interact with a real person, you must reach to KLM office. It is located at KLM Airport Counter, Boston Airport, MA 02128 Massachusetts, United States.

Office hours of KLM at Boston Logan Airport:

You can reach out to the KLM representative to share your travel concern for flight change, cancellation, refund, last-minute deals, check-in, manage booking, etc. You are appreciated to call a KLM representative within 24 hours and sharing your concern to get an answer soon.

KLM mailing address at Boston Logan Airport:

When you wish to get details for check-in, and boarding pass lost and found queries, you can use email service. You can send your suggestion, feedback, and queries to it Boston’s official mailing address is Massachusetts Port Authority, One Harborside Drive, Suite 200S, East Boston, MA 02128.

Boston Logan International Airport Website for KLM:

You can explore the best KLM flights and other most important services at https://www.massport.com/logan-airport and gather complete details for Boston Airport suitably.  

Lost and found a phone number for KLM at Boston Airport:

When you arrive at Boston Airport from KLM and wait for your baggage for more than 2 hours, you must contact a travel agent soon. You must dial 617-568-1810 and share your concern regarding lost and found, damage, and baggage delay over the phone call suitably. 

KLM terminal at Boston Airport:

KLM Royal Dutch Airlines operates terminal E at Boston Logan International Airport. This terminal serves various passengers for different type of services and facility for arrival and departure services for both domestic and international flight journeys suitably.

Services for KLM at Boston Airport:

When you reach the airport to travel to your destination from KLM at Boston Airport, you will especially get extraordinary services and facilities as follows.

Flight check-in & boarding pass service:

You must reach the Boston Logan Airport within two hours before domestic departure and three hours before international departure. You may acquire adequate time for check-in, security screening and get the boarding pass easily.

Lost and found service:

If you find your baggage is lost or damaged item, you will easily connect with a travel agent and share your concern soon.

Parking service at Boston Airport:

You can get the cheapest parking service at Boston Airport, available within walking distance of the terminal.

Dining and shopping at Boston Airport:

Enjoy the most delicious food and fresh snacks at Boston Logan Airport. You can also easily order the food on the flight by using the miles and points at the same airport.

If you want other services like flight change and cancellation, last-minute booking, and baggage service at Boston Airport, you can dial KLM Boston Logan phone number at 1-800-235-6426 and communicate with a real person who always remains active to assist you soon.

What are the checked bag rules for KLM?

You want to know the checked bag rules for KLM. The airline allows the passenger to bring the baggage weighing 23kg, and the dimensions should be 158 centimeters. According to the airline, the checked luggage will not be included if you are flying with light or premium tickets. For the other details about the baggage, you can speak with the airline representative and get the details quickly. 

What terminal is KLM at Logan Airport?

The airline terminal is E. The airline uses this terminal, and you will get assistance from the representative. At the terminal, you can avail of the various services and get assistance from the representative quickly. 

How do I get in touch with the KLM Boston Logan International Airport? 

You want to raise the queries with the representative. You can use the given details and acquire all the details about the KLM Boston Logan International Airport quickly. Here are the details-

  • Airport Official Website-

You want to check out the details about the airport. You can visit the airport's official website. You can use this official link of the airport-https://www.massport.com/logan-airport

  • Airport Address-

The airport address is East Boston, MA 02128, United States. You can visit this address, and you will get the details from the representative quickly. 


Q 1: Can I plan a trip with KLM at Boston Airport?

Answer: Yes, you can plan your trip with KLM and gather complete contact details and services. You can ask for help from a travel agent at Boston Airport efficiently.

Q 2:  Is it possible to get Immigration Services at Boston Airport?

Answer: Yes, you can get excellent facilities for the immigration service at Boston Airport and make your trip memorable for a longer time.

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