A complete guide about 'KLM FIGHT CHANGE POLICY

KLM Airlines is quite popular among travelers who fly to or from the Netherlands or the nearby regions. The airline provides top-notch services and the best policies, ensuring to meet custsomer needs and satisfaction. Talking about the KLM flight change policy, you get the flexibility to change the booking without any hassle unless your fare conditions allow for it. It is pretty simple to change the booking if you purchase the ticket directly from KLM or the authorized sources. Both online and offline methods are available to change the KLM flight ticket; the details are discussed in the article below. 

What is a changeable ticket on KLM? 

KLM offers different types of tickets, and changeable tickets are one of them. Changeable tickets are those tickets that can be changed without paying any fee; however, the fare difference is always applicable. You need to pay a little higher to purchase the changeable tickets than the regular one and they give you all the flexibility. 

What is KLM's flight change policy? 

If you are looking forward to changing your KLM flight, here are the highlights of KLM flight change policy for your reference: 

  • KLM provides 24 hours from the booking, in which you can change the flight ticket for free (Fare difference applies) if departure is after a week. This condition applies to all KLM bookings irrespective of their fare conditions. In case you miss this time, a change fee based on the fare type, route, and destination applies. 
  • In case you have a changeable ticket, you don't need to pay any change fee. So make sure to read the conditions before making changes to your booking
  • The KLM flight change policy applies to the bookings you made directly from the KLM website, contact center, or at the airport. It's not for the third-party bookings. 
  • In case of a flight change, if the new ticket is expensive, you will have to pay the fare difference. Whereas if the new ticket is cheaper, you will get the travel credit for the balance amount in your account. 

How much does it cost to change a KLM flight? 

You don't need to pay the KLM Flight change cost if you complete the change formalities within 24 hours of booking or have a flex ticket or changeable ticket. In case you fail to meet this, the change fee applies based on fare conditions and other factors. The change fee usually ranges from $ 100 to $ 500; you can speak to KLM customer service directly for the exact change fee in your case. 

Is it easy to change flights on KLM? 

Yes! It is pretty simple if you want to change your flight on KLM Airlines. Unless you meet the required criteria, you can change the ticket via the KLM website, through a call center, or also at the airport. In the case of the bookings, which you made through their party, speak to the agents directly.

How would I change my KLM flight without a fee? 

If you wish to change the bookings for free, first check your fare conditions. It means seeing if your ticket is changeable, flexible, and allows free changes. Besides, change the ticket within 24 hours of booking. Once you check these terms, here are the various methods and processes you can follow to change your KLM flight for any fee. 

Change the KLM Flight ticket online: Changing a ticket online is quite straightforward. Besides, you don't need to pay any extra charges like service tax. You can change the ticket online via the website it KLM mobile app by following the simple method listed below: 

  • To begin, go to the official KLM website and log to your KLM account via the 'My Trip' section 
  • Those who don't have a KLM account can create a new one 
  • Now, once you access your account, choose the current ticket you wish to modify 
  • Click on the button 'Edit Reservation' and select the new date from the available options
  • Make all the modifications you want and then save it to confirm
  • Go to the payment page and pay for the change fee, if applicable, and also the fare difference 
  • Follow the prompt commands on the window screen, and once done, you will get a revised booking confirmation message 

Change the KLM flight by phone: 

The other option to change the KLM flight booking is via the official KLM agent. You can dial the KLM hotline at 1 800 618 0104 and connect to the live person. Request them that you want to make some changes to the booking and share the booking details. Now, the agent will check the availability and provide you with some instructions. Follow them, and soon, your ticket will be modified, and once done, the agent will share the confirmation message. Additional service tax is also applicable if you choose the phone call option to modify the booking with KLM. 

Change ticket at the airport: 

There are still people who prefer to visit the airport to modify the bookings. In case you want to use these options, go to the airport and meet in person at the ticket counter. They will ask you about your booking details and modify them on your behalf. Additional charges in the form of service tax apply in case you choose this option. 

By the third party: 

Those who book their ticket directly from a third party to any travel agent will have to contact them directly to modify the bookings. 

Conclusion: The information above helps you learn how you can change your flight ticket with KLM anytime using the various options. Besides, you must follow the KLM flight change policy to avoid any inconvenience. How many times can you change a flight with KLM? If you have a Cheabeagle ticket or Flexi ticket, you can change it several times. To get the exact number, you should speak to KLM customer service directly. Hopefully, you get clarity about the topic; if more details are needed or you still have any doubt about it, visit the official website or talk to a KLM agent. 

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