KLM seat selection and policy

KLM seat selection and policy

Choosing the right Seat is crucial for a flight journey as it is directly related to the comfort of your trip. KLM Airlines allows you to reserve your preferred Seat when booking to save yourself from hassles at the airport and make your journey comfortable and exciting.

You also have the option to get a seat randomly when checking in at the airport, surpassing the KLM Seat selection process through the My Trip functionality of the website. If you want to select a seat at KLM, reading their selection policy first is better to make the process smooth. Some of the crucial points are listed below.

  • You can select your Seat online if you have booked the KLM flight through their website/app, call centers, or booking offices.
  • You can choose your Seat 24 hours before the flight's scheduled departure at the time of web/online check-in.
  • If you surpass all the time frames to select your Seat, KLM will allot you a seat, and if you want to change that Seat, you have to pay the required charges.
  • Passengers having physical disabilities can select their seats only at the airport after document verification.

Benefits of seat selection

  • There are several benefits of KLM seat selection in advance rather than waiting to get a random seat during check-in at the airport. Some of the benefits are mentioned below for your help.
  • You get to sit together with your family or group as airlines have no obligations to provide you with the seats together. So it's better to book your seats in advance if traveling with your family or friends.
  • Airlines hold the seats at Check-in for emergency and operational purposes. You can reserve your preferred seats when booking a comfortable journey.
  • Advance seat selection reduces stress while checking in at the airport. You may get an Unfavorable seat at the check-in, which may compromise your flying experience.

Types of seats offered at KLM Airlines

There are different types of seats offered by KLM Airlines to its passengers. You can read the segment below to learn more about it.

  • Standard Seat: These seats are designed ergonomically, having a standard legroom of 76 cm and recline of 9 cm.
  • Economy comfort seat: These seats are in the front of the Economy class so that you will be the first Economy class passenger to board the plane. These seats have legroom of 81 cm and recline of 13-14 cm with In-seat power.
  • Extra Legroom seats: These seats in front of the Emergency Exit have extra legroom. On average, these seats have 15 cm more legroom and 9 cm more recline than standard seats.
  • Front standard seats: These seats are also ergonomically designed, having a legroom of 76 cm and a recline of 12 cm. You also get a 9-11 inch personal entertainment system in front of your Seat. You will also be the first to disembark the flight.

KLM seat selection fee

The KLM Seat Selection Fee depends on the route of the flight. However, at KLM, Airlines you have to pay a charge between USD 9 to USD 75 approximately, depending on your seat type.

Do you pay for seat selection on KLM?

You can choose a standard seat at KLM Airlines free of cost during check-in. You must pay the appropriate charges ranging between 9-75 USD if you select a seat in advance other than Standard seats.

How do I select my seats on KLM Airlines?

You can select your Seat at KLM Airlines using the modes below

  • Online through the website
  • By calling a representative.

Let's quickly glance at both ways.

Online through the website:

You can select your Seat online to complete the process quickly. You can do it anywhere, as described below, using your phone or laptop.

  • Open the website www.klm.com
  • Click the My Trip option in the Menu Bar.
  • Enter your Booking code and last name to search for your booking details.
  • Mark the flight in which you want to select the Seat and click the add services option.
  • Choose your desired Seat and proceed to the payments page.
  • Pay the required fee online, and your Seat gets selected.
  • Now you can check in to get the boarding pass.

By calling a representative:

You can also select your Seat by calling KLM Airlines at 1-800-618-0104 and choosing the seat selection option. Share your booking details with the representative to get the available seats. Pick a seat and make the payment through IVR mode. They will reserve your Seat and confirm it through an endorsement email.


Can you select seats for free on KLM?

When the passenger has completed the booking process, they can easily reserve the desired seats during check-in; however, you can choose the Standard Seats on KLM for free with no additional costs. If you want more comfortable seats and extra legroom, the passenger may be required to pay the fee. Still, there are a few circumstances under which passengers can enjoy the complimentary KLM seat selection option with no extra hidden charges.

  • Passengers who have booked KLM Business or First Class can get the complimentary seat selection choice without additional charges.
  • If you are a KLM frequent flyer and have a membership in the Airline loyalty program, then the Airline allows you to reserve the seat of your choice for free.
  • However, if you have booked other classes, you may be required to pay the seat selection charges; however, no additional fee will be charged for standard seat selection.

What is a KLM Preferred Seat?

If you have booked a KLM flight but are wondering which is the preferred seat, then it is located behind the first rows of Economy Comfort. Still, they do not offer extra legroom, comfort, or other services because these seats are at the exit door. They are the most preferred seats as they provide quicker exits upon Arrival. 

Is it worth paying for Economy Comfort on KLM?

KLM Economy Comfort seat is worth paying for as it offers extra legroom and several other benefits to make the traveler's journey more relaxing and comfortable. These seats are located at the front of the Economy Class, so the passengers who have chosen Economy Comfort are the first on the arrival list. The several features of Economy Comfort seats are mentioned below.

  • KLM Economy comfort seats provide 5cm more legroom than Standard Economy Seats.
  • Also, these seats are more reclined than the standard seats.
  • You can also enjoy the priority check-in and flight boarding options.
  • If you are on an intercontinental flight, the KLM comfort seats will provide 10cm more legroom than the Standard Seats.
  • However, intercontinental flight comfort offers 4-5cm more recliner seats.
  • Travelers can enjoy a personal entertainment system of 9-11 inches.

Does KLM seat families together?

KLM Airline staff assigns accessible seats in Standard Economy and other classes, but there is no guarantee the seats will be available according to your choice. To make this more easy and comfortable, Airlines allows travelers to select their desired seats to ensure that the families can sit together during the trip.

KLM Seat Selection Policy:

Before reserving the preferred seat option, passengers should know the essential points of the KLM Seat Selection Policy, discussed below.

  • KLM Standard Seats does not charge a seat selection fee.
  • You should pay the charges to select the Economy Comfort seats.
  • You can reserve the Business class seats before the Check-in starts, which may be chargeable depending on several factors.
  • Flying Blue members and Skymiles members can choose their preferred seats for free.

How does KLM seat selection work?

When you book a flight ticket with KLM, they offer various seats such as economy, business, and premium economy. You can select the seat to your comfort, and there are some rules for it. If you select the seat while booking a ticket, then the KLM will not charge any fees, and after check-in,  KLM will charge fees for it that rely on the ticket type, destiation and time. There are numerous ways and policies for KLM seat selection, which we will discuss in the read below.

How do I select a seat on KLM?

You can use an online medium to select the seat on KLM. This medium is one of the fastest and simplest ways. For seat selection, you must go through the steps described below:

  • Open the official web page of KLM.
  • On the homepage, you will see the My Trip tab. 
  • Under that tab, click on the Seat Selection link.
  • Fill out the required details in the following sections and tap on the continue option.
  • Details of the flight will be fetched on the screen. Scroll down and click on the Select a Seat option.a
  • Once you complete the process, the airline will send a validation text via email.


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