How to Book Group Travel on United Airlines?

How to Book Group Travel on United Airlines? 

Group travels are quite common in the business world. Imagine that you have been put in charge of organizing a group travel for your team. This job can be quite challenging as you need to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of every member of the group. While arranging for accommodations and meals can be a daunting task, you can make things easier for yourself by choosing United Airlines for your group's travel needs. The airline offers a convenient group booking option that allows you to book tickets for all members of your group in one go. To get a detailed knowledge of United Airlines Group Booking, you can read this article. 

United Airlines Group Booking, Travel & Reservations

Group travel is fun, but booking for a group can be a tough job. Going back again with the same booking process can be frustrating after one point. United Airlines is making your job easy by bringing the reservation of all the members to one place. With United, you get two different ways to make a reservation for your group. 

Traditional Contracted Group: An experienced sales team of United Airlines will assist you in selecting the hotel and air route as per your requirements. After the selection of the hotel and air route, the airline will lock the price. Now, all the members of the group can call the airline, make individual payments, and book their travel at a locked price.

Groupease: The leader of the group will have to connect with the United Group booking agent through email at or call 844-904-0186 and provide the details of your group, such as Group name, hotel, date, and destination to get the United Airlines Group Travel code and share it with your group. After this, all the members of the group can connect with the agent individually and make payments to reserve their seats on the flight. 

Advantages of Booking a Group Travel with United Airlines

  • With United Group booking, you get complimentary hotel accommodation and free room upgrades. 
  • You get the flexible payment option. 
  • Lock your reservation by depositing just $50 and make the rest of the payment later. 
  • Group booking makes the job easy and hassle-free. 
  • United provides you with a customized booking code and website through which each member of your group can individually pay their share. 
  • Get a United group coordinator at the airport to support you. 
  • Your group will get priority at check-in. 

Special pricing for your group

Traveling with a group had a lot of hurdles in the middle. Sometimes, you may not be able to occupy a seat, or the price is higher. United gives you the option to make a special offer to the airline through a bidding system and raise your chances of getting a seat. You will have to complete the online bid request form and get a response within two working days through email. The airline will respond to your request within two working days. 

United Airlines: Steps to Book Group Travel

If you have reached here with the article, you are well aware of the price policy and advantages of United Group booking. In case you have made up your mind for United Airlines Group Reservations then you might be willing to know the procedure to apply for the ticket. The passengers are supposed to join a group sales agent to book a group travel. Here is how you can do that: 

  • Dial 1-800-426-1122 and connect your call to the United Group sales agent. 
  • Ask the agent to book travel for your group and provide the details of the leader. 
  • The agent will send you a link. Tap on the link, add other members of the group, and attach a government ID of the passengers. 
  • Once you add the details of the passengers, get back to the agent to make the payment. 
  • After the final payment, the airline will send you the details of your booking through email. 

Policies for group booking

Would you like to enjoy a trip with your group, no matter if the group includes family, colleagues, or friends? If this is the case, then you don't need to worry because United Airlines provides a lot of options when it comes to group booking. But, you must inform yourself about United Airlines Group Policies and then apply accordingly. Read the points below to know the rules and regulations for group travel: 

  • United Airlines holds the final power, and they can deny your request for the group booking and may not tell you the reason. 
  • For group booking, your group must have at least ten or more members.
  • If you are booking the travel for a sports team, your team should have six or more members. 
  • If you have locked the booking by making a deposit, you must complete the final payment 70 days before the flight departure. 
  • All the members of the group must travel to the same destination on the same flight in the same cabin class.

Condition of group booking

As per the rules of United Airlines, a group is eligible for the booking only if they satisfy a few conditions of the airline for group booking. Here are the conditions mentioned that need to be fulfilled for the booking: 

  • As per the airline norms, a group of 10 members are eligible for the booking. 
  • The destination of arrival and departure will have to be the same for all the members of the group. 
  • All the members of the group are supposed to travel together in the same cabin. 


If you are planning to book a group travel and want to know the details and technicalities of United Group booking, you can read this article for reference. 


How to Contact United for Group Travel Inquiries?

Passengers who have any query related to group booking can dial 1-800-426-1122 to reach their agent for help. 

Do airlines offer discounts for groups?

No, the airline does not offer any kind of discount on group booking, but you can bid against a competitive fare. 

Is it cheaper to book group flights?

The number of passengers will not affect the cost of the ticket. 

Why are group flight bookings more expensive?

Booking for multiple people is usually expensive compared to individuals. 


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